How to Get Your Stimulus Check if You are a Non-Filer Who Doesn’t Receive Social Security
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Non-filers who receive Social Security Income will receive their stimulus checks because the IRS will get payment information from the SSA. However, what if you are among the many who neither filed a tax return in 2018 and 2019? Eligible U.S. citizens or permanent residents who had gross income that did not exceed $12,200 ($24,400 for married couples) for 2019 and were not otherwise required to file a federal income tax return for 2019, and didn’t plan to can use the IRS portal to sign up for payment. Simply click on the link below:

Who will receive the Economic Impact Payment automatically without taking additional steps?

Most eligible U.S. taxpayers will automatically receive their Economic Impact Payments including:

  • Individuals who filed a federal income tax for 2018 or 2019
  • Individuals who receive Social Security retirement, disability (SSDI), or survivor benefits
  • Individuals who receive Railroad Retirement benefits

If you are concerned that payment will be delayed because the IRS doesn’t have your banking information, please know that a portal will be available in the very near future for you to provide this information to them.


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