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  • Full charge bookkeeping services for your businessWith modern technology you needn’t be a Sonoma Valley local anymore and if you are, we can come to you. Otherwise, we can prepare your books with services in a method customized to fulfill your needs.
  • Payroll – Complete payroll services, active or passive, check preparation, quarterly and annual returns.
  • Sales tax preparation – Complete with online filing if provided by your state taxing agency.
  • Income tax preparation – For individuals and all legal entities.
  • Audit representationYou never need speak to an IRS agent. We go to the wall for you, defending your tax return to the IRS or the state.
  • Offers in compromiseYou may qualify to pay just pennies on the dollar. Our process includes pre-qualification services. We analyze your finances to determine the amount the IRS will likely accept then proceed to negotiate on your behalf.
  • Tax problem resolution – Whether you are a non-filer, you dispute the balance owing, you need a payment plan or you need help being deemed currently not collectible, we can analyze your situation and provide you with the best course of action to resolve your tax issues.
  • QuickBooks training – If you are a local Sonoma Valley business or individual, we can come to your office to instruct you in the basic precepts of QuickBooks.
  • Available for presenting at seminars, lectures, workshops and for appearance on radio and television talk shows.


Bonnie Lee, E.A.

Sonoma tax servicesFor over 30 years, as the owner of Taxpertise and as an Enrolled Agent, Lee has represented taxpayers across the country in audits, offers in compromise, tax problem resolution, and non-filing issues. She specializes in resolving tax problems for independent contractors, the self-employed and small business owners.
To schedule an appointment with Bonnie Lee to discuss tax services, you can contact the Taxpertise office by phone: 707.935.1755, extension 1, or by e-mail @

Angela Andrews
Licensed Tax Professional

Angela has been employed with Taxpertise since early 2013. She received her training from H&R Block and is currently pursuing an accounting degree.

Angela prepares income tax returns for individuals and real estate professionals.
707.935.1755, extension 3



Charles Fleischner, E.A., M.B.A.
Licensed Tax Professional

Sonoma CPAA newcomer to Taxpertise, Charles has extensive experience in income tax preparation. He has prepared simple and complex individual, partnership, and corporate returns. His knowledge encompasses the preparation of multi-state and multi-year tax returns.

Charles’ specialty is handling difficult tax problems for taxpayers who need help dealing with the IRS. He derives great satisfaction in the representation work he provides. Representation can be in the form of preparing an installment agreement for past due taxes, defending a taxpayer in an IRS or state audit, negotiating an offer in compromise or helping an insolvent taxpayer be deemed Currently Not Collectible. Charles is licensed to represent taxpayers at all levels before the Internal Revenue Service.

Charles earned his MBA from Cal State University in Los Angeles and became an Enrolled Agent in 2004. He has worked at various firms in Los Angeles and New Mexico.  He is fluent in Spanish–Se habla espaňol.


Tami Vice

Tami’s love for bookkeeping began in 1993, when she had the opportunity to work as a bookkeeper for several small business owners. She began to realize the value of bookkeeping as it allowed the owners to better see an overall picture of their business and their profitability.

A solid set of books is also important for tax planning purposes. Therefore Tami works closely in conjunction with tax professionals to provide the information necessary to determine current year tax liabilities. Tami is an expert in all platforms of QuickBooks and performs all bookkeeping tasks through financial statements. Her specialty is retail and construction trades.
707.935.1755, extension 3

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