Taxpertise The Heist: 50 Shades of Green
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The Heist: 50 Shades of Green. In this second book of the Taxpertise series, Kim Stillwell, a gorgeous 34-year old tax professional, is visited by a mysterious new client with tax problems who dumps $200,000 on her desktop, tells her to pay the IRS for him, and takes off running. He is shot down in front of her office as he makes his escape. Kim narrowly misses the same fate. In the action packed adventure that follows, Kim is kidnapped and must work out a way to appease her kidnapper while trying to escape. Luke Hunter, her new love, is swept into the crisis.

Threaded throughout this novella are real life tax tips to help anyone who is suffering tax problems at the hands of the IRS. Whether you’re broke and can’t pay, or need to set up a payment plan, or want to make a deal to pay a reduced amount, you will gain valuable knowledge in an entertaining venue that will guide you to the resolution of your tax problem.

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