Taxpertise The Heist: 50 Shades of Green
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In this second book of the Taxpertise series, Kim Stillwell, a gorgeous 34-year old tax professional, is visited by a mysterious new client with tax problems who dumps $200,000 on her desktop, tells her to pay the IRS for him, and takes off running. He is shot down in front of her office as he makes his escape. Kim narrowly misses the same fate. In the action packed adventure that follows, Kim is kidnapped and must work out a way to appease her kidnapper while trying to escape. Luke Hunter, her new love, is swept into the crisis.

Threaded throughout this novella are real life tax tips to help anyone who is suffering tax problems at the hands of the IRS. Whether you’re broke and can’t pay, or need to set up a payment plan, or want to make a deal to pay a reduced amount, you will gain valuable knowledge in an entertaining venue that will guide you to the resolution of your tax problem.

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3 Responses to “Taxpertise The Heist: 50 Shades of Green”

  • This is a delightful and unexpected look at the world of tax advice and tips. As someone who hates paying more tax than I have to I was immediately attracted to the title. When I was offered a free copy in exchange for an honest review I jumped at the chance. I’m very glad I did too. I don’t live in the US but I still found the information provided to be valuable.

    Best of all it’s a novel about Kim who becomes embroiled in kidnapping, murder and romance. It’s so it’s approachable and entertaining. Let’s face it, tax books in the past have been a little dry. This book has a chapter about the fictional characters followed by tax and money tips pertaining to the events in the chapter. It’s ingenious really!

    Do yourself a favor and grab this well written book. I don’t believe there is anyone who doesn’t need a little more tax advice and if you don’t, you’ll love the story anyway.

    -Susan Day

  • Nobody likes doing their taxes or having to work out what they owe and reading about it is boring. Bonnie Lee has come up with an ingenious method of making the subject approachable and easy to read. Kim Stillwell is working in her office when a client comes in and dumps a pile of money on her desk and tells her to pay the IRS. A moment later he is shot. Thus begins Kim’s ordeal as she tries to figure out who shot him and why they shot at her too. All Kim wants to do is spend time with her beau Luke, but kidnapping and shootings keep getting in the way. An entertaining novella that features some tips and advice on your taxes between chapters.

    -Samantha Gregory

  • We ve been using Bonnie for over 25 years; she takes the headaches out of tax preparation for us. We also have a very complicated family set-up with rental properties and no matter how crazy our numbers get, she is always able to figure out what we are doing.

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