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A fiction novel which is a love story and a murder mystery incorporates valid tax tips for self-employed individuals in the creative arts: Painters, Performers, Musicians, Writers or Anyone Who Hates Numbers. No formulas. “They said there’d be no math,” and they are right! You learn enough to ask intelligent questions of qualified tax professionals and steer your business in a direction that will help you save tax dollars! And be entertained at the same time.

You’ve heard of starving artists. Many of them are starving because they fork out too much money in taxes. And why does that happen? Because most artists hate numbers and consequently don’t deal with them too well. I was asked to write a tax book specifically for artists but my first thought was, “Would anyone actually read it?” I pictured artists with insomnia purchasing this book as a sleep aid. Yet there is so much valuable information that can help whose who hate numbers and keep more dollars in their pockets that I was forced to rethink the approach so I can reach out and help them. And so I chose a format that would be entertaining: a Novella.

Kim Stillwell is a single, gorgeous, 34-year-old tax professional. When Luke Hunter, a rock musician, becomes a client, her heart goes into a spin! It’s love at first sight, but she doesn’t trust her feelings. While preparing his tax returns and organizing his home office, she remains professional, yet the romantic stirrings continue and seem to be reciprocated. Then the murder of Dominic Rodriguez, Luke’s previous bookkeeper, throws their budding romance into mistrust and turmoil.

Follow their adventures and gain valuable knowledge through the tax tips offered at the end of each chapter. Even those have a humorous edge!

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4 Responses to “Taxpertise For The Creative Mind”

  • Yeah! finally a tax book for right-brained people. Bonnie Lee has done it again with Taxpertise for the Creative Mind. Her humor shines through along with excellent tax tips that make sense to creatives like myself. I love the way she illustrates what to do with wit and style. Bonnie is a rare author and educator. She made me laugh, kept me on the edge of my seat with the plot twists and turns, and she made it easy for me to do the right thing and save money on my taxes. If you want to enjoy yourself and save some money too, read this book and buy it for your friends.

  • Couldn’t put this book down! Loved every word of it. Learned new things and kept my interest throughout. It was exciting, romantic and informative at the same time. Can’t wait for the next one. Go Bonnie!

  • Pick up a box of chocolates, sit back and read Taxpertise ! It’s not your average tax book. It’s better.

  • This is an absolutely fun book to read. Who would have thought that tax advice could be so interesting!? Well, Bonnie gets that done! Almost as well as she gets your tax returns done. You have to read this book if you want to learn and have fun at the same time. Warning: If you’re a bookkeeper, this book might scare you. You might be just a bit more skeptical of those clients who claim to not understand or care about their numbers.

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